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Plants love FOOP.
Here's what expert growers have to say.

"Our yield per plant is looking like it's going to be double what it was last year and the plants are turning out just tremendous - we'll definitely want to use FOOP again next year and are excited that FOOP will be here to help us."

Jeff Boogaard CannaBreeze Organic Hemp Farm Owner / Operator

"FOOP checks all my boxes: amazing growth, strong finish, certified organic and easy to use."

"The plant on the right was fed FOOP, the one on the left was planted at the same time but given different nutrients. We run a solid nutrient lineup for our plants, so the idea of seeing a big change was not in my mind. The FOOP plants are all super healthy, have zero signs of burning, they've bushed out more than anything else in the room, have crazy sturdy stalks and stems, and have a gorgeous green color!"

Brandi Pinkham, Owner Kineos Garden Center   @mrs.kineosgenetics

"FOOP – there it is! These may be the best looking plants I’ve ever had. Wow! You guys really have something special here."

Mike Medlin, Founder Medlin Medical Licensed Cultivator in Montana

"FOOP has the most amazing nutrients on the market. After testing it last season, I plan on using it on all 55 acres of my farm this year. My plants can’t get enough of this stuff!"

Sarah Stenuf, President Veterans Ananda Licensed Hemp Cultivator

"FOOP has the plants at the farm in OVERDRIVE. I typically withhold my thoughts on products until I’ve tested them extensively, but the growth I’ve seen after two feedings is undeniable. These nutrients are the real deal."

"In my 7 years of growing, I have never seen faster growing and healthier plants than my current run powered by FOOP. First time I checked on them after the first feed I almost couldn’t believe it."

"Getting that FOOP diet and looking 🔥"

"I’ve never seen such a rainbow of colors before using FOOP"

"Part of FOOP’s lineup is a sweetener, and the results are clear. The trichomes exploded 3 days after the first application."

"One of my favorites in the tent. Purple popping out everywhere with that fruity gum smell."

"I had roots in 5 days and ready to transplant in 7. A truly organic start to each plant’s life. #fatwhitefuzzies"

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