The FOOP Needle

Sale price$77.85

  • PRECISELY MEASURES LIQUID NUTRIENTS – Extract liquid nutrients accurately to prevent accidently overfeeding and avoid nutrient burn and stunted growth
  • PREVENTS SPILLS & REDUCES WASTE – 14in Needle fits in any nutrient bottle regardless of shape or size to prevent spilling expensive nutrients when tipping bottles over to make sure you get every last drop
  • DURABLE & EASY TO USE – Made from high quality durable metal and plastic with raised markings that will never scratch or wear off
  • 14in TIP + 100ml CAPACITY – 14in Tip to reach the bottom of the deepest bottles, plus, 100ml capacity to support feeding multiple plants at once
  • DO NOT DIP INTO MULTIPLE BOTTLES - To prevent cross contamination, label your FOOP Needles with the stickers provided and only dip the needle into the bottles shown on the sticker.