Datasheet Garden 2023 Commercial

FOOP Garden Commercial

FOOP Garden Commercial

Elevate your gardening game with FOOP Garden, our meticulously crafted organic plant food derived from fish poo. Designed with precision for a myriad of plants - from vibrant veggies and fruity delights to radiant flowers and lush houseplants. Here's a snapshot of what FOOP Garden brings to the table:

  • Full-Spectrum Nutrition: Infused with essential nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and silica - to ensure wholesome plant growth.
  • Pristine Ingredients: A curated blend of organic fish poo, fish emulsion, sea kelp, volcanic ash, mycorrhizal fungi, chelated iron, and a hint of peppermint oil for a fresh aroma.
  • OMRI Certified: Rest easy knowing FOOP Garden is approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute, ensuring no synthetic pesticides or harmful chemicals.
  • Made in the USA: Quality and safety are paramount. Proudly crafted within stringent American standards.
  • Sizes to Suit All: Whether you have a cozy home garden or expansive green spaces, choose from our 5G pails, 55G drums, or 275G totes.

Dive into the organic revolution. With FOOP Garden, it's not just about feeding your plants; it's about nourishing them.