Frequently Asked Questions About FOOP Nutrients

What growing media can I use with FOOP Nutrients?

For best results, FOOP recommends using organic living soils such as Coast of Maine Stonington.

FOOP Nutrients also work well in coco coir, coco/perlite/peat moss blends, and hydroponics.

When growing in coco, feed at least every other watering and supplement additional cal / mag (20% of manufacturer’s recommended dose). Adjust pH to 6.0 in the vegetative stage and 6.2 in the bloom stage.

If growing in hydroponics or deep water culture systems, reduce the feeds by 25% from the schedule provided, and keep water temperatures between 68-72 degrees. Refrain from using airstones in the reservoirs and use a circulator instead. Avoid exposing the water in the reservoir to light to prevent algae build up. Also, be sure to change the water each week and redose with the following week's recommended ml/g per our feed schedule (with the 25% reduction).

How often should I feed FOOP Nutrients to my plants?

For best results, feed every time you water your plants. You can feed as infrequently as once per week if you grow in soil. if you grow in coco, feed at least every other watering.

Do FOOP Nutrients work with commercial irrigation systems?

FOOP Nutrients have been tested in numerous irrigation systems from Dosatrons to Blumats, and will not clog your drip lines.

Can I mix, brew and store FOOP Nutrients in a reservoir?

FOOP Nutrients can be mixed and stored in a reservoir. Place a circulator in your reservoir and use the nutrients within 5 days. For best results, add an airstone to the reservoir and brew the nutrients as you would a compost tea – this will help the microbes reproduce. The pH may change from day to day, so be sure check the pH before each feed and adjust as necessary.

Can I use FOOP Nutrients with auto-flowering plants and do I feed the same amounts?

Yes. Simply make these adjustments:

  • For 3-week vegetative cycles, skip weeks 4, 5, and 6 in the vegetative recommendations
  • For 4-week vegetative cycles, skip weeks 5, and 6 in the vegetative recommendations
  • For 8-week bloom cycles, skip weeks 5, and 6 in the bloom recommendations
  • For 9-week bloom cycles, skip week 6 in the bloom recommendations
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