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FOOP is the only line of organic nutrients made primarily from reclaimed fish poop and a dozen other organic ingredients that delivers everything high-yielding cannabis and hemp plants need to flourish. No additives are required because FOOP delivers all the base nutrients that plants require – from the NPK to the Cal-Mag, Silica and other critical micronutrients and minerals. FOOP also provides mycorrhizal fungi to promote root development as well as a rich living microbiome of beneficial bacteria to the roots of plants that accelerates the uptake of nutrients.


FOOP is different. We understand that you may be accustomed to cutting our competitors’ recommended feeds in half because you know these companies are telling you to feed too much. WE PROMISE THAT WE WILL NEVER DO THAT. We also understand that you might be tempted to reduce the feeds because it feels like too much food. We promise it's not. FOOP Nutes combines multiple ingredients that our competitors split up into a dozen different bottles. We guarantee that these feeds will not burn your plants.

Store in a cool, dark place. Do not mix the contents of any FOOP Nutes bottle with the contents of any other FOOP Nutes product. It may result in the spoilage of our products.


  1. Feed every time you water your plants and use reverse osmosis / deionized water if possible
  2. Adjust the pH of each feed to 6.2 - 6.4 if necessary with FOOP pH Up / FOOP pH Down (If you use pH levels outside of this range, you risk harming your plants!)
  3. For best results, shake well before each use and follow the recommendations in the schedule below

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