FOOP Garden Label

FOOP Garden Label
FOOP Garden Label

Say hello to our signature FOOP Garden, the quintessential blend for every gardener out there! This 32 fl. oz. bottle of pure organic delight, weighing just over 2 pounds, promises to transform your green spaces.

What's Inside?

Sustainably sourced and created from all organic ingredients, our standout component is reclaimed fish poo. That's right - we're turning waste into wonders!

Kid & Pet Friendly

Garden with peace of mind. Our formulation is gentle on the environment, safe for your little ones, and pets.

Fresh Minty Aroma

Because who said organic can't smell delightful?

Perfect For:

Whether you're nurturing delicate flowers, lush shrubs, hearty veggies, fragrant herbs, towering trees, or those indoor houseplants, FOOP Garden has got you covered.

Usage Directions:

  • Young plants or leafy greens: Mix 1-1½oz with a gallon of water.
  • Mature or heavy-feeding plants: Opt for 2-3oz mixed in a gallon of water.

A Rich Composition:

From essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphate, and potash to beneficial elements like calcium, magnesium, and iron - every drop of FOOP Garden is packed with what your plants crave.

And, while our formula boasts an impressive 0.55% humic acids derived from Leonardite, 96.64% of the blend consists of non-plant food ingredients, ensuring a balanced and effective feed.

Curious about the detailed contents and metal levels? Find more on the given website link.

Reach Out:

For any questions or growing support, reach out to our dedicated team at
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