Sweetener - 32oz (Case of 12 Units)

Sweetener - 32oz (Case of 12 Units)
Sweetener - 32oz (Case of 12 Units)
Sweetener - 32oz (Case of 12 Units)
$239.88 | $143.88

Cost/Unit: $11.99 | Units/Case: 12

MSRP In Store: $19.99 | MSRP Online: $24.99 

  • CREATES AN EXPLOSION OF TRICHOMES – Unlike any other plant sweetener, FOOP Sweetener contains eight organic sugars to maximize trichome development
  • PROMOTES MICROBE REPRODUCTION – Promotes a rich living microbiome to maximize bioavailability, enhance growth, and expedite trichome production
  • ENHANCES TERPENES – Hand-picked for their vitamins and amino acids, FOOP’s unique blend of sugars improves flavor and provides a strong finish
  • WORKS WITH ALL MEDIA AND NUTRIENT LINES – Perfect for soil, coco, and hydroponics, plus, works great in conjunction with any nutrient line, especially FOOP Nutes when used throughout the entire growth cycle
  • DELIVERS EIGHT ORGANIC SUGARS – Unique blend of organic sugars sourced from the most exotic places on the planet: date syrup, sorghum syrup, agave syrup, coconut sugar, blackstrap molasses, honey, muscovado sugar, and yacon root syrup

    FOOP Sweetener is unlike any other plant sweetener. Instead of using just blackstrap molasses or honey fortified with synthetic vitamins, FOOP Sweetener combines these two sugars plus six other organic sugars to create an explosion of trichomes, promote the reproduction of microbes, and improve plant flavor. After years of delicate testing and research, these eight organic sugars were hand-picked for their unique vitamins and amino acids to provide a strong finish for your grow. FOOP Sweetener works great in all growing media: soil, coco, and hydroponics. FOOP Sweetener improves yield and potency when used with any nutrient line, especially FOOP Nutes.


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