FOOP Clone Gel Instructions


Shake well prior to each use. Dip cuttings in FOOP Clone Gel to desired depth and insert into rooting medium. For best results, use peat moss plugs, rockwool cubes or an aerocloner. Adjust the pH of the water used either to moisten the media or fill the aerocloner to 6.0. Mist cuttings and place in humidity domes or a warm, humid environment.


Unlike other cloning products, FOOP Clone Gel contains nutrients. Do not use in conjunction with any nutrient solution, or in any rooting media inoculated with nutrient solution. This may stunt plant growth.

If you see "white fuzz" at the base of your plants, it is likely beneficial trichoderma. This is often confused with mold – and FOOP Clone Gel is known to cause beneficial trichoderma to form at the base of young clones. If you see it, please rest assured that this is a good sign -- and please do not freak out if it happens. Embrace it.

Please note that this product contains organic material that will naturally become less effective over time, so we recommend you use it within 90 days of purchase. To extend the product’s life, shake the tub periodically and before each use – this will also provide an even consistency to the gel for dipping.

DO NOT dip your cuttings directly into the tub. This may contaminate the gel and make it work less effectively. Instead, pour a little out into a disposable cup, and dip into that.

If using an aerocloner, do not use any sanitzers or other agents that may harm the microbes in FOOP Clone Gel.

If you notice that the gel is getting too firm: just add a splash of hot water to it, close up the tub and give it a good shake.

Please contact us at if you need help or have any other problems or questions. If you purchased this product at a store, please do not contact the store for assistance with FOOP Clone Gel.