Feeding Recommendations

FOOP Feeding Reccomendations

FOOP Nutes is the only line of organic nutrients made primarily from reclaimed fish poo and a dozen other organic ingredients that delivers everything high-yielding cannabis and hemp plants need to flourish. No additives are required because the FOOP nutrient line delivers all the base nutrients that plants require – from the NPK to the Cal-Mag, silica, and other critical micronutrients and minerals. FOOP Nutes also provides mycorrhizal fungi to promote root development as well as a rich living microbiome of beneficial bacteria to the roots of plants that accelerates the uptake of nutrients.

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ BEFORE MIXING YOUR FIRST FEED Shake well before each use. To prepare a one gallon feed, mix the amounts of all three FOOP products from the feed schedule below together into one gallon of water. To make larger feeds, simply multiply these amounts by the number of gallons of water in your feed reservoir. Repeat this process each week per the feed schedule below. For best results, we recommend using reverse osmosis / deionized water. Do not mix each FOOP product into a separate gallon of water. Do not feed FOOP nutrients undiluted - always mix with water first. After mixing, adjust the pH of the reservoir to 6.2 - 6.4 if necessary, using FOOP pH Up / FOOP pH Down, or any pH adjuster of your choosing. If you do not adjust the pH to levels within this range, you risk harming your plants!