Organic Nutes Resources

FOOP-EDU is a curated collection of learning materials tailored to enhance your gardening journey with FOOP. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and insights to cultivate a thriving, sustainable garden. Embrace the organic revolution and let FOOP be your trusted companion in your garden and beyond.

FAQFOOP Feeding Reccomendations

Feeding Recommendations

FOOP Nutes is the only line of organic nutrients made primarily from reclaimed fish poo and a dozen other organic ingredients that delivers everything high-yielding cannabis and hemp plants need to...

FAQFOOP Nutrients

Can I use FOOP nutrients with auto-flowering plants, and do I feed the same amounts?

Yes. Simply make these adjustments to the feeding schedule:  For 3-week vegetative cycles, skip over weeks 4, 5, and 6 in the recommendations for the Veg Stage For 4-week vegetative cycles, skip o...

FAQFOOP Reservoir

Can I mix, brew, and store FOOP nutrients in a reservoir?

Our nutrient line can be mixed and stored in a reservoir. To prevent spoilage, place a circulator in your reservoir and be sure to use the entire reservoir within 5 days. For best results when not ...

FAQIrrigation Systems

Do FOOP nutrients work with commercial irrigation systems?

Our nutrient line has been tested in many irrigation systems from Dosatrons to Blumats, and will not clog drip lines.

FAQHow often should I feed FOOP nutrients to my plants?

How often should I feed FOOP nutrients to my plants?

For growing in soil: feed at least once per week (but no more than three times per week). For hydroponics or deep water culture systems: reduce the recommended feeds by 25%, and keep water temperat...


What growing media can I use with FOOP nutrients?

For best results, we recommend using any organic soil. Our nutrient line also works great in coco coir, coco/perlite/peat moss blends, as well as hydroponics and deep water culture systems.