FOOP Cloning Kit

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FOOP Mist is a broad-spectrum, organic foliar spray that rapidly corrects nutrient deficiencies -- and FOOP Clone Gel delivers big, fat, white and fuzzy roots faster with two products in one: rooting gel + cloning solution. Pre-moistened and pH balanced peat moss plugs stimulate growth of healthy roots and are easy to use.

  • TWO PRODUCTS IN ONE: FOOP Clone Gel contains both rooting gel + cloning solution. This powerful one-two punch provides a small dab of organic plant food to ensure a quick, healthy start to each plant’s life
  • READY TO USE – Convenient spray bottle, no mixing required, perfect for home growers
  • STIMULATES GROWTH OF HEALTHY ROOTS: Peat moss plugs are pH balanced and pre-moistened, making them easy to use
  • MAKES CLONING SIMPLE: Dip cuttings in FOOP Clone Gel and insert them into the peat moss plugs. Mist the cuttings with FOOP Mist Ready to Use and place them in humidity domes or a warm, humid environment.
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