Get Your Ladies Going Bundle

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The Get Your Ladies Going Bundle contains one FOOP Nutes Veg Gallon Pack, one 32oz spray bottle of FOOP Mist Ready to Use, one 1G jug of FOOP Mist Refill and one 64oz bag of Organic Inoculated Biochar.

FOOP Nutes Veg Gallon Pack :

  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING HIGH YIELDING PLANTS NEED TO FLOURISH: FOOP Nutes provide a unique combination of base nutrients, essential minerals, micronutrients and beneficial microbes – the perfect recipe for larger plants that smell and taste better. This means there’s no additives or supplements required
  • WORKS GREAT IN ALL GROWING MEDIA:FOOP nutrients work great in soil, coco, and hydroponics -- and we guarantee that it will not clog commercial irrigation systems

FOOP Mist Pack :

  • ORGANIC FOLIAR SPRAY – Immediately delivers nutrients to plants through their leaves to promote photosynthesis
  • REDUCES PLANT STRESS – Rapidly corrects nutrient deficiencies by shortcutting the root system and swiftly delivers critical nutrients and minerals through plant leaves, allowing sick plants to heal quickly or healthy plants to thrive
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