Organic Inoculated Biochar - 5G

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Organic Inoculated Biochar helps plants, trees, and shrubs get the most out of soil. Biochar is like a sponge: it will absorb anything it comes into contact with – and one small handful has the surface area of a football field. This makes biochar a perfect medium to house nutrients, moisture, and microbes – the three building blocks of plant life.

  • CONTAINS MILLIONS OF SOIL-ENRICHING MICROORGANISMS: Provides a perfect habitat for soil-enriching microbes, and comes preloaded with billions of them to kick-start the soil microbiology of any lawn, field, or container -- improving soil health & fertility
  • HELPS PLANTS, TREES, AND SHRUBS GET THE MOST OUT OF SOIL: Absorbs and retains excess nutrients and moisture and makes both available when plants need them most -- allowing plants to uptake nutrients more efficiently
  • ORGANIC AND MADE IN THE USA: Ensuring quality and safety standards are met and guaranteed not to contain any harmful chemicals
  • SUSTAINABLE AND SAFE: Sustainably sourced from pine industry waste; safe to use; no dusty particles, no PPE required.
  • MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Combine entire contents of this bag with one 2 cubic foot bag of soil.
  • Each 5 gallon pail mixes with 60 cubic feet of soil
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