Clone Gel - 4oz (2 Pack)

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Each 4oz tub of FOOP Clone Gel treats 300+ cuttings. Contains two (2) 4oz tubs.

    • TWO PRODUCTS IN ONE: FOOP Clone Gel contains both rooting gel + cloning solution. This powerful one-two punch provides a small dab of organic plant food to ensure a quick, healthy start to each plant’s life
    • GET BIG FAT WHITE FUZZY ROOTS FASTER: Organic ingredients and aloe vera
    • MAKES CLONING SIMPLE: Simply moisten rooting cubes (or fill a cloner) with only water pH balanced to 6.0 and that’s it
    • MADE FROM THE FINEST ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - and does not contain any synthetic growth hormones.
    • WORKS GREAT IN ALL CLONING MEDIA: FOOP Clone Gel works great in peat moss plugs, rockwool cubes, and cloners

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