FOOP Nutes Veg & Bloom 55G Drum Pack

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The FOOP Nutes Veg & Bloom 55G Drum Pack contains 55 gallon drums of FOOP Nutes Veg 1, FOOP Nutes Veg 2, FOOP Nutes Bloom 1, FOOP Nutes Bloom 2, and FOOP Sweetener.

  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING HIGH YIELDING PLANTS NEED TO FLOURISH: FOOP Nutes provide a unique combination of base nutrients, essential minerals, micronutrients and beneficial microbes – the perfect recipe for larger plants that smell and taste better. This means there’s no additives or supplements required
  • VEG NUTRIENTS PROMOTE ROOT DEVELOPMENT, THICK STALKS AND VIBRANT GREEN CANOPIES: Contains mycorrhizal fungi and a rich living microbiome of beneficial microbes to accelerate nutrient uptake
  • BLOOM NUTRIENTS PROMOTE FLOWER DEVELOPMENT AND TIGHT BUD STACKING: Contains extremely bioavailable phosphorus and potassium derived from organic fish emulsion and kelp to maximize flower development and promote tight bud stacking.
  • SWEETENER CREATES AN EXPLOSION OF TRICHOMES: FOOP Sweetener contains a blend of eight all-natural and organic sugars sourced from some of the most exotic places on the planet, with vitamin and amino acid profiles optimized to not only improve flavor, but also provide a strong finish and maximize trichome development
  • WORKS GREAT IN ALL GROWING MEDIA: FOOP nutrients work great in soil, coco, and hydroponics -- and we guarantee that it will not clog commercial irrigation systems
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